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Mysterious Space, though originally made for 7DRL 2014, is ultimately a side-scrolling action space shooter. In it, you’re tasked with delving deep into the ZZ-Omega sector to recover an important piece of information, and return with that information in one piece.

To get there, you’ll not only have to stop at planets along the way to find much-needed fuel, but also arm yourself to survive against forces that seek to destroy you.

mysterious space intro ocean world outpost lava world alien artifacts grosse baleine haunted world equipment screen folded space

7DRL… That’s the 7-Day Rogue-Like Challenge, Right?


I know that “what makes a Rogue-like” is a topic of some debate, and I wanted to explore it for myself, by starting with a thoroughly un-Rogue-like game idea – an arcade-style space shooter – and making it as Rogue-like as possible.

The game today is very unlike the 7DRL entry, though. There were always colorful “potions”, procedurally-generated equipment, and a mysterious/powerful THING for you to find and return with, but I’ve also added a level-up system, procedurally-generated planets, unlockable ships… “just like a Rogue-like!” … except then there’s the whole side-scrolling action shooter-iness of it all…

At the end of the day, what you call Mysterious Space is up to you, but I hope you’ll at least also call it “fun”! 🙂

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