* Shields were blocking damage that was supposed to go directly to your hull.
  This has been fixed.
* The word "Shield" (whatever it is in your language) is no longer drawn below
  the bonus shield meter.
* When Alien Teleporters granted invulnerability, they were only doing so for
  1/60th as long as they should. This has been fixed.


* When you have tons of fuel, the fuel is now squished together, so that it
  doesn't overlap with the shield/armor/hull/accessory UI.


* High score tables from previous versions will no longer be wiped! It's
  possible you already lost your high score table, or parts of it, after
  running a previous release of Mysterious Space; sorry about that :| This fix
  will properly migrate high score tables from previous releases, provided it
  was not already wiped... ugh. Sorry again :|



* There's no longer a gross-sounding pop when a song would start playing, but
  the music volume is turned to 0%.
* Fixed a rare bug where the game would not always reveal the systems adjacent
  to you.
* The Alien Integrator's blessing effect was lasting only 1/60th as long as
  intended >_> This has been fixed.
* Overcharged Shield stasis effect can no longer get to negative time
  intervals. (It would have been very hard to get it to this point, but it was
  theoretically possible.)


* When a ship part is unequipped as a result of being transformed (for
  example, if you had 3 weapons, and transformed into a Light Lukida), you are
  now told which equipment was removed.
* During character creation (if you want to call it that...), orbital players
  are now shown orbiting the selected ship.


* Many planets have been given a faint parallaxing background image, for extra


* You now always start the game in a location that has two choices of where to
  go, when possible.
* You now ALWAYS gain fuel when visiting a civilization, or the source of the
  mysterious signal (instead of only when you would need it to travel).
Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Accessories

* Ship parts can no longer get "entropic" effects. The very notion of entropic
  effects has been removed from the game!
* There are two new armors available: Impactplate, and Calabi-Yau Armor.
* The Embedded Armor stasis effect has been tweaked, and can now be stacked.
* The Alien Teleporter stasis effect has been slightly improved, and can now
  be stacked.
* The Weapon Booster statis effect has been changed completely.
* The Fuel Preprocessor stasis effect can now be stacked.
* The Deck of Many Things stasis effects always stacked; the stasis
  description has been tweaked to make this (a little) more clear.
* Removed two possible stasis effects from basic weapons, and added one new
* When a Vampire Shield is equipped to an Orbital, all of its effects are now
  applied to the host ship.

Advanced Technology

* The Advanced Technology that used to increase the Entropy of a ship part now
  does something else :P


* New subroutine: Carpeting Celbalrai.
* The graphics for the Wezen Web Walker I & II subroutines has been fixed.


* Wezen Web Walker graphics now have a dark outline (you know, like basically
  every other graphic in the game >_>)
* Increased the drop rate of Wezen Web Walker scan data.


* There are two new achievements.


* The visual effect when your sensors are scrambled has been completely
* I updated the game's graphics engine to allow use of pixel shaders, and
  rewrote a couple visual effects in the game to use pixel shaders. (Damage
  blink, and scrambled sensors.) This reduces the filesize of the game (on
  disk, and in memory), and opens the doors for more visual effects in the
* Naming your ship "BLAER" now has the same effect as naming your ship
  "ZELDA". (Also, naming your ship "MANGOCHIN" has the same effect as naming
  your ship "BRUSSELFOOT".)
* I did a huge "refactor" (as programmers like to call of it) of code
  surrounding how equipment was handled. The new code is simpler, and so may
  technically perform better, but more than that it is now easier to make
  ships with unusual numbers of various types of equipment slots (ex: a ship
  that can't have armor? a ship that can have 10 accessories? SURE WHY NOT.)