• 0.11.x – use of pixel shaders; removal of “entropic” effects
  • 0.10.x – a series of updates that span a couple years; difficult to summarize 😛
  • 0.9.x – adding a new sector map, and alien races
  • 0.8.x – added outposts, subroutines, a playable credits sequence, and steam achievements
  • 0.7.x – added “blessed” and “cursed” equipment, weakened equipment, Advanced Technology, tractor beams, crates, and folded space! also: switched to FMOD, improving music playback.
  • 0.6.x – added co-op play, the “revive!” mechanic, music (by DDRKirby(ISQ)), mini-bosses, unlockable ship upgrades, and various UI/graphical improvements
  • 0.5.x – reworked several alien artifacts, added unlockable ships, redid the sector map (from a straight line, to something more like a network), added new equipments, upgrades, and enemies, and added vents, sandstorms, and sloped terrain to planets
  • 0.4.x – added minimap, lava and ice worlds, particle effect system (for ashes and snow), more enemies, “temporary shield” mechanic, ship accessories, and solidified Xbox-like controller support
  • 0.3.x – added high score table, the “ZELDA” cheat, more decorations to planets, and started internationalization
  • 0.2.x – post-7DRL releases, featuring “fully 2D” procedurally-generated levels, ship upgrades, new enemies, and new equipment
  • 0.1.0 – first release, made in 7 days for the 7DRL challenge of 2014

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