* When gamepad buttons are referred to in text, they are now done so using a
  colored button image, instead of a plain-text letter.
* When you pick up an item, a message on the top of the screen tells you what
  you picked up.
* Changed the "static" visual effect (given by certain Alien Artifacts). I'm
  still not pleased with it, but it is a touch better, I think.
* You can now delete saved games by pressing DEL or gamepad Y from the Continue
* "Save & Quit" now returns you to the title menu, instead of quitting


* Swarming Sirrah have been completely reworked. They no longer give points, or
  have a chance to drop loot, and they are now ONLY found swarming around
  pick-ups (fuel crystals, crates, and upgrade parts). To be clear: they aren't
  found around ALL pick-ups. Just some. An interesting side-effect: since
  swarms give off so many bubbles when in a liquid, finding fuel and other
  items in lava and ocean worlds is kind of fun(ny) :P


* Added a new equipment type: Accessory! (Would like a better name for these.)
  You can only have one Accessory equipped at a time.
* New "Alien Integrater" Accessory grants a temporary shield whenever you use
  an Alien artifact.
* New "EMP Channeler" Accessory fires a ring of bullets when under the effects
  of EMP. Higher level EMP Channelers may have shorter cooldowns between
  firing, fire more bullets, fire stronger bullets, or have bullets which
  bounce off walls or pass through walls.
* New "Weapon Booster" Accessory passively increases the fire rate of all
  weapons by a percent, but also decreases the recharge rate of shields by a
  (smaller) percent.
* New "Phase Shield" Accessory grants invulnerability when you press X or CTRL.
  Higher-level Phase Shields may grant invulnerability for longer, or allow you
  to activate more frequently.
* New "Engine Booster" grants increased speed as long as you hold X or CTRL,
  but disables weapons while boosting, and for 2 seconds afterwards.
* New "Last Resort" can be activated to destroy every enemy and enemy bullet on
  screen, at a cost of Hull damage. (P.S. Invulnerability DOES protect from
* Added five new bullet graphics for weapons.
* Rainbow weapon bullets now cycle through the spectrum, instead of just firing
  bullets of random colors (except for RNG guns, which remain totally random).
* RNG guns now fire random bullet graphics with each shot.
* Regenerating Armor's armor rating has been slightly improved.
* All armors have a chance to provide some extra, passive bonus. Currently
  there are only two possibilities: increased weapon speed, or increasead
  shield regen.
* New weapon: Vertical blaster. Fires two bullets with each shot: one up, one
* Improved the math behind split blaster generation, so that the angle of the
  bullets can now be precisely controlled. The angle between the bullets has
  been tightened, but I've also allowed for a range of angles, so two
  identical-looking split blasters might actually be different in the angle of
  separation between their bullets. (I guess this is technically a hidden


* Two new rock graphics! YES!
* New type of forest world: white/golden forest
* New type of world: mining. Features totally different planet-generation
  algorithm. I consider it a work-in-progress, but wanted to get it out there.
  Can only be found in Sector 2 or higher.
* Lava planets can no longer be found in Sector 0.



* Restored Xbox-like controller support! This involved a change in the
  libraries being used (switched MonoGame from OpenGL to DirectX, and updated
  to the latest version of MonoGame while I was at it). I always worry about
  weird new problems when updating a core library, like this... *braces self*
* The B button is no longer used to throw away items. Every other UI out there
  uses B to back out; I'm not sure why I forgot this. SO: B now backs out of
  the menu; Y now throws items away.
* Pressing B also backs out of the various New Game screens. This was pure
  oversight; B backs out of all the other main menus, as well.
* The space bar, and the left and right bumpers and triggers can now be used to
  change the direction you're facing while shooting. In the future, this will
  probably be an upgrade you purchase for your ship, so enjoy it for free while
  you can :P
* When you've been slowed by an EMP bullet, the text "Slowed" flashes in the
  upper-left HUD. (P.S. German for "Slowed" is "Verlangsamte"!? Whoa.)


* Increased the health of the upgraded Carpeting Celbalrai.
* Improved how all enemies handle the wrapping levels: Swimming Sheliaks,
  Trailing Talithas, and Four-way Fomalhauts will no longer turn away from you
  when you cross the "seam" before they do; Aiming Altair now aims correctly
  when you're on the other side of the seam from it. Swarming Sirrah swarms
  still get broken up if they happen to cross the seam, however. (Their math is
  weirder. It's a low-impact edge case, anyway.)
* Upgraded Four-way Fomalhauts now spend less time being stationary.
* Forgot to mention a change in 0.4.4: the sizes of Swarming Sirrah swarms now
  increase as the game goes on.


* Created a new terrain texture for ice worlds.
* Removed the old ice world biome, and created two new ones (one using the new
* There are now "abandoned space stations" on some planets... kind of >_>
  They're more like gray boxes that just kind of are there and aren't special
  in any way... I'll expand upon these later, but I wanted to get them in, even
  just as boxes, to at least get us thinking about them.

Alien Artifacts

* The Alien Artifact that adds a temporary shield no longer ALSO restores your
  base shield to full health. (I forgot to remove this effect when I reworked
  the Alien Artifact.)


This update has two major code changes, which largely have to do with GREATER
PRETTINESS, but also affect gameplay a little.

First - and having no real gameplay effects - I've made a custom particle
effect system. I'm currently using for new weather effects on planets. (And the
starfields, but you probably won't even notice any differences there.) I'm sure
I'll find more uses for it in the future!

Second, I've done a ton of refactoring of the planet-generating code, making it
easier to customize the different planet types... and then I started
customizing! Some of the changes are minor - such as the jagged surfaces of Ice
worlds, or the smoother surfaces of Desert worlds - but others are more
significant, such as the addition of water to Forest worlds, and lava to
Desolate/Barren worlds. As with the particle effects system, this is something
I'll definitely be taking advantage of in the future: Jungle worlds, abandoned
outposts on planets, or levels that are space stations (surrounded by empty
space) instead of planets at all; many things are now possible!


* Added a fourth rock graphic... (Woo. Rocks. So exciting >_>)
* Reworked stars on planets to use new particle effects code, as mentioned. I
  also took the opportunity to also make these stars slightly colorful, and to
  fade out completely as you enter the planet's atmosphere.
* Forest planets now have watery areas.
* Barren/Desolate planets now (sometimes) have lava-y areas.
* Ice planets have more jaggy surfaces, slightly-straighter tunnels, and,
  often, falling snow! SNOOWWWW!! :D
* Lava planets have been given ashes. (Can you keep a secret? The ashes are
  just "snow" thats falling upwards, and is grey-black instead of white :P)
* Desert planets are largely unchanged; their surfaces are a little smoother
  than before.


* Added a new enemy: Crawling Carinae. It travels along walls, and is equipped
  with a slow-firing RNG gun with rubberized bullets.

Character Creation

* Created a couple new ship history stories, edited old ones, and added new
  words that can be used by them.



* "Continue Game" menu now scrolls (previously, the list would run off the
  bottom of the screen)

* When a slowing effect ends (such as one inflicted by an EMP bullet), the
  slow now tapers off, instead of abruptly ending. This gives a smoother feel.
  It also, incidentally, makes slows last a little longer.


* Shields can no longer be "doubled" for a duration. Instead, shields can gain
  an extra, temporary shield. Damage dealt to a ship is dealt to its temporary
  shields before its regular shields. Temporary shields cannot be regenerated.
  If an effect attempts to give a temporary shield when one is already present,
  the greater shield replaces the lesser one (rather than the two being added).
  Finally: temporary shields are not lost between levels.
* Reactive Armor has been reworked. Rather than granting a shield regen rate
  buff when hit, it now grants a temporary shield when hit. The temporary
  shield's strength is equal to 1/3 the strength of your shield. It can do this
  once every 10 seconds. (For some reason, I made the Reactive Armor "smart",
  in that it won't use its ability if you already have a temporary shield of
  equal or greater strength... "That would be nice of it," I thought to myself,
  except: how could you take any armor damage if you already had an existing
  temporary shield?? (P.S. You can't. Soooo... >_>))

Alien Artifacts

* The Alien Artifact that doubles your shield for a short time has been
  reworked. It now gives you a temporary shield equal in strength to your



* Lava planets are now more-likely to have non-basic weapons; armors found on
  lava planets are now 1 level stronger
* Planets are now 2 tiles taller, and the bottom two rows are now always solid
  terrain (instead of bottom one). This is to ensure that the minimap does not
  get in the way of a Fuel crystal, forcefield generator, etc.


* Armor strength now grows logarithmically: low-level armors are about the
  same strength as before; high-level armors are weaker. (This may be
  revisted, as higher-level monsters are added to the game.)
* EMP weapons now permanently disable any forcefields they hit.
* Two new bullet types: knockback, and penetrating. Knockback bullets knock
  back stricken enemies; penetrating go through walls.


As you progress through the sector, old enemies are now often be replaced by
"higher-tier" versions. These are similar in appearance and behavior, but
stronger in various ways.

* Added a second-tier Swimming Sheliak. It is tougher, deals more damage, and
  explodes into more bullets.
* Added a second-tier Four-way Fomalhaut. It is tougher, deals a little more
  damage, moves faster, and makes two shots when it rests, rather than one.
* At greater depths, MORE Dashing Denebs are spawned, but their individual
  power remains constant.
* Whether or not Trailing Talitha leaves a trail of fragmenting bullets is now
  dependent upon the sector: below 7, the trail is never fragmenting; at 7 and
  above, it is always fragmenting.
* Added a second-tier Carpeting Celbalrai, which is tougher, and equipped with
  a bi-di weapon.
* Enemies are spawned more frequently in later sectors.


* Added, removed, and changed some Log texts


Version 0.3.4 contained such a visually-significant change, that, in
retrospect, I probably should have called it 0.4.0. SO: I'm'a pretend I did :P
which makes THIS release 0.4.1.


* Your points once again blink red when you cannot gain points
* You are no longer stuck firing your weapon during the "Sector Complete"
  sequence (pewpewpewpewpewpew...)
* Fixed a typo in the changelog description for 0.3.4

* Aiming Altair's weapons are now always EMP weapons

Water and Lava
* Added two new planet types: Ice, and Lava
* Shields don't regenerate while in lava; regen speed increasing effects will
  allow them to regenerate, but at a slower speed
* Things now move more slowly when in water, and even MORE slowly while in lava.
  This applies to the player, enemies, and all bullets.
* Added bubbles, emitted by enemies and players while under water or lava

Sector Map

* Tweaked the positioning of various UI elements
* Added a preview of the currently-selected planet


The majority of these changes came about after doing a let's play of the game
with my friend Stephen, a game designer at Amazon. He was able to identify a
lot of problems, a few I was already aware of and/or had become blind to, but
a few I was not. Perhaps most-significant is the new system for handling items
the player collects, something we came up with together based on an issue
Stephen identified.

I also, after looking over my notes, realized that the entire HUD could be 
redesigned. So that happened.


* Your weapon no longer gets stuck firing during the tutorial


* Completely redesigned the HUD; the black bars on the top and bottom have
  been removed, allowing you to see more of a planet at a time
* Added a mini-map! Planet maps are remembered between visits
* EMP weapons now explicitly state that they deal no damage
* Newly-found ship parts are now "unidentified"; even the type of part is
  secret. They may be identified (for free) when on the Sector map.
* After leaving a planet, the inventory screen is pulled up if you have any
  unidentified items
* When leaving a planet ("Sector Complete"), enemies and bullets are frozen in
  place (no more getting shot or rammed during "sector complete"!)
* Changed the visual effect of sensor blackouts
* When you use a Alien Artifact for the first time, a description of its
  effects are displayed on-screen for a couple seconds


* The very bottom row of the planet is now always solid terrain
* When a sector has two planets, the planets are now always of different types


* Halved the damage of fragmenting weapons' fragment bullets
* Doubled the rate of fire of "Angry" armors and shields; slightly reduced
  their capacity


* There is now an initial, semi-random delay before the first enemy is spawned
  (no more starting a level to have an enemy ram you before you're even ready
  to think about moving :P)


* Removed possibility for gray player ships (full-health gray hulls looked
  empty, especially next to white armor and shields)
* Added green as a possible player ship color


* Translated more strings to German and French

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