"The prettiness update."


* Shield regeneration speed is now rounded to two decimal places for purposes
  of display
* Dashing Deneb now dashes correctly back and forth across the screen


* Slightly reduced the speed of Dashing Deneb
* Added "Aiming Altair", a stationary enemy who aims his shots at you. This is
  accomplished with a new weapon and accompanying mechanic that aims shots in
  the direction of the creature's cursor. In theory, this weapon could be
  available to players, however I have not yet implemented an on-screen cursor
  for players. (The enemy cursor is positioned wherever the enemy AI wants it;
  in Aiming Altair's case, the cursor is always precisely positioned on the
  player; cheating aim bot user! :P)


* Added many more terrain tiles, allowing for prettier terrain
* Tweaked color schemes for different planet types (ocean, desert, etc)
* Now possible to have multiple color schemes for the same planet type;
  added a second ocean color scheme (purple/blue)
* Added textured backgrounds for planet undergrounds, depending on planet
* Level widths are now always multiples of 8 (to ensure proper tiling of
  texture backgrounds)
* Ocean planets now have a smooth surface
* Added seaweed to ocean planets
* Added rocks to all planets


* Reduced strength of shields, when shields have improved strength
* Increased regen rate of shields, when shields have improved regen rates
* Reduced base strength of armor
* Armor now takes only half damage when the damage is from a collision
* Second weapon now fires at 2/3 speed
* Third weapon now fires at 1/3 speed
* Can only equip one weapon until ship has been upgraded (see below)

Upgrade Parts

* "Upgrade Parts" are now a thing! Spend them to improve your ship!
* Upgrade Parts are found on planets; each planet has one to find
* Upgrades can only be performed from the sector map
* Can upgrade weapons, adding a second, and then a third weapon slot
* Can upgrade hull, adding +10 hull strength per upgrade
* Can upgrade "Alien Scanners", revealing the effects of all Alien Artifacts
* Can upgrade thrusters, greatly improving stopping speed
* Can spend an upgrade to get 800 points (forgo upgrades in exchange for


* Replaced 8x8 font with a 6x8 font, giving more room for item descriptions
* Updated various parts of the UI, and several text descriptions, to take
  advantage of additional space afforded by the the new font
* Improved display of stars on title screen... I'm sure no one noticed the
  occasional black stars, BUT I DID, AND IT BOTHERED ME :P

Debug Mode

* Debug mode can now be toggled by entering the Konami Code from the main menu
* A game saved while DEBUG MODE is enabled will be inelligible for placement
  in high score table (when implemented)



* Alien Artfiacts that repair armor were not repairing armor! (fixed!)
* Fixed a bug in level generation that made some tunnels inaccessible (if a
  fuel crystal was placed in such a tunnel, the level was unbeatable!)
* Hull health bar is now displayed in the correct colors
* Fixed a bug preventing EMP weapons from being generated
* Fixed bug where "Save & Quit"-ing from the sector map resulted in a save
  game that could never be successfully loaded
* Fixed crash on game save when EMP bullets are on-screen
* Game no longer crashes when it fails to load a save game for any reason
* Many numbers are now rounded to 2 decimal places for purposes of display
  (ex: weapon fire speeds, EMP slow times...)
* Fixed a bug which prevented collision detection near the edge of the level


* New enemy, "Dashing Deneb", who makes it a point to dash across the camera
  on paths that intersect your position
* Enemies drop more items than before
* The drop rates of Swarming Sirrah members has been decreased; in terms of
  getting loot, killing an entire swarm is about equal to killing a single
  enemy of another type
* Swimming Sheliak's bullets are now fired from its center, rather than its
  upper-left corner; also, the bullet damage is reduced slightly
* Trailing Talitha can no longer change it's direction 180 degrees; it must
  make 90 degree turns


* Extended level color schemes to include a "danger" color; this is used to
  color spiked walls and forcefield generators, so that they can be easily
  spotted by the player
* Levels now contain a few, randomly-placed crates; they are re-generated
  when passing back through the levels on your way back home


* Added "Rubber" bullet type - bullets that bounce off walls (not available
  for Trail guns)
* Added "Fragmenting" bullet type - BULLETS THAT SHOOT BULLETS!
* EMP bullets now halve the cooldowns of weapons and shield regen rates of
  their targets, in addition to halving their movement speed
* Added "Berserker Armor" - doubles fire rate when it takes damage
* Added "Angry Armor" - like Angry Shields, fires a bullet every second
* Added "Regenerating Armor" - lower strength, but regenerates slowly
* Added "Scattershield" - every time its hit, fires a few bullets
* Slightly increased speed of bullets fired by Angry Shields

Alien Artifacts

* Replaced obsolete "increased movement speed through level" Artifact with a
  "smart bomb"-type Artifact that clears the entire screen of enemies and
  enemy bullets


* Added a new type of item: Logs; these uncommon drops explain the setting
  from varying points of view


* Added sounds for some UI menu actions which were missing them
* Added a sound effect when the player takes damage
* When a camera shake event is trigged, the intensity of the shake now reduces
  over time, instead of ending abruptly
* Added a "Game Over" sequence, followed by a screen containing some details
  about your game
* Can no longer choose "Continue Game" from the title menu if there are no
  saved games
* Fixed display of error message when game save direction is inaccessible
* When the game encounters an exception when loading a saved game, a message
  is now shown (the exception's description); will add human-readable messages


* Points are no longer earned for each enemy bullet that never hits you
* Picking up Fuel is now worth 200 points (instead of none!)


Known Bugs

* If you Save & Quit from the sector map, you will not be able to continue the
  game (so Save & Quit only from an actual level for now!)


* Game no longer crashes when quitting or completing a level after finding a
  certain type of item ("Reactive Armor" wasn't [Serializable] - agk!)


I'm giving enemies alliterative names. To start, I'm using Arabic star names
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arabic_star_names); later I'll move on
to other cultures, and other space-y objects (such as constellations). 

* The four-way shooting, following enemy is now called "Four-way Fomalhaut"
* Added "Swarming Sirrah", a tiny enemy found in swarms
* Added "Swimming Sheliak", the exploding enemy, who now lazily follows you
* Added "Trailing Talitha", an enemy that leaves a trail of bullets in its
  wake; appears from level 2 onward
* Added "Raining Rigel", an enemy that tries to stay above you, and shower you
  with bullets; appears from level 3 onward
* Removed ring formation of exploding and yellow dot enemies


* Add force Fields which blink on and off. they are positioned across smallish
  areas, and damage the player, as well as block passage
* Reduced damage of spikey walls in later levels


Shields were too strong, reducing the chances of taking any meaningful damage.
(This incidentally made armor and hull-repairing Alien Artifacts useless.)
So shields were reduced, and armor increased.

Since it was already relatively easy to just sit and wait for shields to regen,
and shield strengths were reduced (making it even easier!) I upped the regen
rate of shields. Basically, your shields should be at full between every
encounter, at least in the early game.

* Greatly reduced all shield strengths
* Increased all shield regeneration speeds
* Strengthened armors
* Strengthened player hull
* Player now starts with a basic armor
* Added "Bomber" weapon - fires a volley of bullets below you; long cooldown
  between volleys; high damage
* Added "Trail Gun" weapon - leaves behind stationary bullets; needs a better
  name :P


* Replaced all sounds with effects created by sfxr


First post-7DRL release.

Levels, Enemies, How You Win...

* Everything is different!

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