* Fixed a weird crash that seems to have been related to enemy bullets
  colliding with crates! No idea how long it's been in there, but it's now
* Ice Worlds were getting crazy-huge in Endless Mode. This has been fixed.
* Phase Shields and Stream Interrupts can no longer have effect durations
  longer than their cooldowns.
* MAY have fixed a bug where the background music stops playing after you blow
  up every on-screen enemy.


* Remade the intro tutorial. It now involves exploring a planet - just like
  you do in the actual game! - and contains a guaranteed ship blueprint.
* As you approach the end of the game, Blaer now tells you more about how to
  win. (If that sounds vague, it's because I'm trying to avoid spoilers :P)

Endless Mode

* Endless Mode must now be unlocked! (Unlock it by meeting any alien


* New environmental hazard found on many worlds: Firesticks (a la Mario).
* Added a new color scheme for mining worlds.
* Mining worlds now have more pipes.


* Each Tunneling Taurus segment (of both the little ones and the big ones) is
  now a slightly different color. Just to make things a little less monotonous.
* New enemy: Tunneling Taurus II.
* Slightly tweaked the difficulty levels at which some enemies begin to appear.
* Dashing Deneb now occasionally come in larger, but slower, swarms.

Fuel & Coins

* Added particle effects when collecting Fuel, Fuel Shards, and Coins.

Advanced Technologies

* You'll no longer be transformed into a Scrapping Syrma, unless you have the
  Scrapping upgrade.


* New subroutine: Tunneling Taurus II


* Basic blasters now have four differet possible blessing effects. (It was
  getting pretty boring seeing "quadrupled damage while weakened" all the
* Basic blasters now have a small chance of being "Weird".


* The Engine Booster curse was almost guaranteed to murder you. It's been
  scaled way back. (Curses shouldn't be so bad that using the equipment is
  ALWAYS the wrong choice; there should be many cases where you look at a curse
  and think "well, that kind of sucks, but I can work with that.")


* The inventory is now automatically opened when you beat a level and return to
  the sector map, regardless of whether or not you found any new ship parts.
* You can now skip one of the cutscenes by pressing ESC/start, but only after
  you've seen it at least once.
* The highscore table now shows whether or not you discovered the mysterious
* The highscore table now shows what ship you used, but only for new high score



* When you improve the strength of all your armors, any Weakened armors will
  only have their current health improved if their maximum was actually
  increased. (Prevents armors from temporarily being over-max, which produced a
  weird visual effect.)
* The "Menaces with Spikes" upgrade was not working! This has been fixed.
* The "prevents new enemies from spawning for 10 seconds" effect was not
  preventing the whale boss from spawning enemies when he was attacked. This
  effect has been rewritten to fix this, and other potential future
  enemy-spawning effects.
* The number of crates found in Folded Space in Endless mode was increasing to
  ridiculous levels. This has been fixed.
* In rare occasions, the edge of a mining shaft building would behave as if it
  were spiky (damaging you on contact), even though it did not appear to be
  spiky. This has been fixed.
* The description for the Risky Ras Algethi ship failed to describe how its
  starting weapon is different from that of other ships. This has been fixed.
  (Spoiler: it deals twice as much damage, but has half the fire rate. (I don't
  remember when I made this change to this ship, but it was a long time ago!))
* When you polymorph into a ship which requires more fuel than the ship you
  were before, you now gain an equivalent amount of fuel. This will prevent
  anyone from getting stuck in a system after polymorphing! (Thanks to clenfle
  for reporting this one!)
* Fixed a bug where buying an item in a shop while equipped with a blessed
  Courier Pod would cause the game to crash! (The game was trying to zap nearby
  things on the level with lightning, but there is no level when you're in a
  shop, so it got confused and died...) Thanks to norner for reporting this!

Player Ships

* A new ship has been added to the game: Scrapping Syrma
* Alien Alwaid now has an additional ability: all planets it encounters contain
  an additional alien obelisk. (Whether this is a good or bad thing, I have no

Ship Upgrades

* Menaces with Spikes now gives +1 collision damage, instead of +50% (there was
  nothing in the game that would boost your base damage above 3, anyway), and
  it now mentions that normal collision damage is 2.
* New upgrade: Scrapping II


* The Tunneling Taurus subroutine now mentions that normal collision damage is
* Aiming Altair subroutine now gives -15% movement speed, but only while firing
* Cloaking Cor Caroli subroutine now reveals all pickups on the minimap, but
  prevents you from ever becoming invulnerable.


* RNG blasters now have their own graphic (though it's not a very GOOD one >_>)
* Cursed bomber weapons no longer deal 3 damage per bullet fired. This was left
  over from the old (by now: VERY old) damage system. They now deal 1 damage
  per round of bullets, instead.


* Angry Shields now have two modes; the new mode adds to collision damage.


* Angry Armors now have two modes; the new mode adds to collision damage.


* Courier Pods now have two modes; the new mode hastes the player when they
  collect Fuel or Fuel Shards.


* Bees can no longer survive in outer space (just like real life).


* Added more entries to the credits, including the handles of people who have
  reported bugs, and the names of sites that have featured Mysterious Space in
  some way: Roguelike Radio, 7DRL, Indie Gala, and Groupees.
* The health of the credit entries is now related to their length.
* Changed the timing of some of the credits.


* Added instructions to the bottoms of more title screen sub-menus. For
  example: did you know that you can delete a save game by pressing "Y"? It's
  been true for a long time, but there was never anything that told you it was
  possible... UNTIL NOW.
* When a player ship becomes invulnerable, it now gains a circular indicator
  which shows how long the invulnerability will last.


* Moved more text out of the code and into XML, so it can be translated.