* Camera no longer shakes when you take damage while invulnerable.
* Fixed a crash that could occur on the COLLECTION screen when pressing UP
  while in the top row of collected items.

Debug Mode

* Logs, Blueprints, etc that you pick up while in DEBUG mode are no longer
  added to the COLLECTION.

Player Ships

* Now have an engine thrust particle effect while accelerating forward. (Thanks
  to ClaysLPs from YouTube for this suggestion!)
* Alien Alwaid ship now begins with an EMP-resistant shield, instead of a
  Scattershield. (See "Equipment" section below.)
* Players now trail smoke when their hull is damaged.


* Until you have found any items for the COLLECTION screen, the "COLLECTIONS"
  text on the title menu reads "????????". For extra mystery :P
* Fixed length of vertical separator line on Equipment tab of game menu.
* Added an option to show exact numbers of shield, armor, and hull health.
  (Thanks to komethius of YouTube for this suggestion!)
* Added "camera lerp": the camera now trails your movement, rather than always
  being perfectly centered on you. This is a toggleable setting via the
  settings menu.
* Slightly changed the introduction story text.
* When a player or enemy takes damage, a number reporting the damage taken is
  shown on-screen.


* Terrain can now be sloped! (Whoa!) Bouncing bullets bounce appropriately. I
  had to rework a surprising amount of code to get this working, but it will
  also be useful if ever go for pixel-perfect terrain (a la the Worms games).
* Some planets now have "vents" of air which pushes objects around.
* Desert Worlds now have planet-wide storms, which push things around, and
  change over time.
* The background/underground color for barren worlds is now darker than before.
  (Trying to increase contrast between foreground tiles, and background tiles.)


* New enemy: Tunneling Taurus. A snake made of several segments; destroying the
  head causes the next segment to become the head; destroying a middle segment
  causes it to split in two. Found only on Desert and Lava worlds. Its speed is
  not affected by liquids.
* Slightly reduced the damage of Swimming Sheliak's bullets.
* Slightly reduced the hull strength of Crawling Carinae.
* ALL enemies now have a chance to drop an item which are descriptions of
  themselves. These are added to the COLLECTION when picked up. (Thanks to
  CommodusIV from Steam for suggesting this!)
* Enemies now trail smoke when their hull is damaged.
* Smoke from enemy explosions now rise. (I definitely want to make proper
  explosion effects at some point in the future, though!)


* Bullets fired by Angry Shields are now three times more powerful.
* Bullets fired by Angry Armors are now twice as powerful.
* Weapons with knockback bullets deal +10 damage. (Actually, I removed a -10
  damage penalty that I had been being applied to these weapons.)
* Changed how knockback bullets work; the knockback effect should be more
* Removed Scattershield. (They were kind of fun, but mostly useless, so...)
* Added EMP-resistant Shield, which increases your movement speed by 50% when
  you're hit by an EMP bullet. Speed duration is equal to EMP duration. In
  effect, this shield prevents the speed penalty from EMP effects.
* Embedded Armor no longer reduces hull damage by 25%. Instead, when Embedded
  Armor is reduced to 0, it destroys itself, and all enemies and enemy bullets
  on the screen! To be extra friendly, when it destroys itself in this way, any
  excess damage that would have carried over to your hull is prevented,


* Thrusters II now resists pushing forces, in addition to its existing bonuses.
* Added a new upgrade: Scrapping. Scrapping causes enemies to sometimes drop
  Scrap, which you can collect to heal your ship.
* Added a new upgrade: Adaptive Software. It triples the duration of all
  temporary effects that increase movement speed, weapon speed, and shield
  regen rates.

0.5.0 II


* I introduced a bug in 0.5.0 that made the game crash after investigating the
  Mysterious Source, preventing the game from being winnable! Agk! It's been 
* You can no longer receive a Master Sword more than once.


* Some Berserker Armors now affect both your second AND third weapon.
* Embedded Armor now reduces Hull damage by 33%, instead of 25%.
* New accessory: Mirror Field. Reduces bullet damage, and fires bullets around
  the ship proportional to the damage reduced.
* New shield: Static Shield. Builds a temporary shield while shields are full.
* New shield: Slip Shield. Improves movement speed proportional to the current
  health of the shield.
* All shields may now have a bonus which reduces all damage received by a


Known Issues

* So: I added controller vibrations... except MonoGame doesn't actually support
  controller vibrations >_> The code is there, it just doesn't DO anything.
  This is a known issue with MonoGame; when MonoGame implements vibration,
  Mysterious Space will be ready...


* Fixed a bug that caused the high score table to crash if it contained very
  few (1?) entries.
* Fixed a crash in the Continue menu when there were between 4 and 7 (I think?)
  save games to choose from. (Sigh. MATH.)
* Mining planets can no longer end up with inaccessible caves! (See note in
  "Planets" section, below.)


* Changed the "ABOUT" page. (Interactive!)
* Added a "COLLECTION" page to the title menu. It lets you see all Logs and
  Blueprints you have collected.
* Title menu and sub-menus do totally different stuff with the background
  color. Whatever. It hardly matters. Just documenting this for completion's
* You may now use spaces in your ship's name! >_>
* There are two new "tutorials" within the game. The settings menu has been
  updated to allow you to reset all of these.
* Added controller vibration. (See "known issues" above.)
* The "GAME OVER" screen now selects a random string from a list of
  "PLAY AGAIN"/"DONE FOR NOW" strings to use as the menu options.


* Planets are no longer arranged in a straight line on the sector map. They are
  now arranged in a network/graph/web with several different paths leading to
  the Mysterious Source. Shorter paths mean you will face more-difficult
  enemies faster; you also earn more points on these planets, proportional to
  the reduced number of planets encountered. Longer paths give you more time to
  find equipment and Alien Artifacts; you also earn fewer points, proportional
  to the increased number of planets encountered.
* You now lose 1 point every 2 seconds on a planet. On planets where you earn
  more points, this loss is more often; on planets where you earn fewer points,
  this loss is less often.
* Changed how mining planets are generated. There are fewer mines, and the
  caves under the mines are hopefully a little more interesting. They're also
  generated in such a way as to never occupy the same column as another cave,
  which looks a little silly on the minimap, but it fixes the bug where an
  inaccessible cave would sometimes be generated, so: WORTH :P

Player Ships

* You can now unlock additional Player Ships, by collecting blueprint items.
  Different ships may require different numbers of blueprints. Blueprints are
  only found in the containers pre-placed on the level; never in containers
  dropped by enemies.
* New ship: Light Lukida. It is 30% faster, it suffers slowing effects for 50%
  less time, it may not get a third weapon, and its hull is 10 points weaker.
* New ship: Heavy Head of Hydrus. It cannot equip shields, BUT: it can equip
  up to two Armors (with an upgrade), reduces all collision damage by 80%
  (applied before any reductions provided by Armor), starts with Regenerating
  Armor, receives 15 Hull from Hull Upgrades, instead of 10, and has its
  Armor(s) and Hull fully repaired when using an Alien Artifact that restores
* New ship: Alien Alwaid. All Alien Artifacts double its shield regen for 3
  seconds and restore 20% of its armors and hull, it starts with a Soft Shield,
  its hull is 10 points weaker, and it moves 15% slower.


* There is now a maximum number of enemies that may be "on-screen" at a time.
  (Slightly off-screen counts as on-screen...) The number increases as you
  progress through the game. Swarms are not counted.
* Reduced the amount of collision damage dealt by Aiming Altair.
* Slightly reduced the amount of collision damage dealt by Crawling Carinae and
  Swimming Sheliak. (Upgraded Swimming Sheliak's damage is the same, however.)
* Increased the amount of collision damage dealt by Dashing Deneb.
* Swimming Sheliak move a little faster.
* Changed the order in which new enemies are added. Notably, Aiming Altair
  appears earlier, and Carpeting Celbalrai appears later.
* Dashing Deneb now has a death sound. (Or does this belong under UI?)
* Increased base time between spawning new enemies by 50%; time between
  spawning enemies decreases slightly faster as you advance through the sector.
* When a new enemy is spawned, there's a 30% chance that TWO enemies are
  spawned, instead. This chance increases as you advance through the sector (up
  to ~70%, including return trip).
* Improved the aim of Aiming Altair (again!)


* Put code in place to allow translation of ship upgrade descriptions, then
  added a couple such translations.
* Added translations for a couple more equipment/inventory-related strings.
* Added translation for "Scattershield" item.
* Added more translations for some armors.
* ... and probably a couple more things I've forgotten about >_>


* Engine Booster now has a bar that is depleted by using it, and recharges when
  it is not in use. Higher level Engine Boosters may have longer charge bars.
* Regenerating Armor is now fully regenerated between levels.
* Slightly reduced base damage of Bombing weapon (primarily used by enemies). 
* New accessory: Hull Repair Bots. They slowly repair your Hull, and fully
  repair your hull between levels.
* New armor: Fleet Armor. Adds 50% move speed for 4 seconds when it takes
  damage. 10 second cooldown. Is smart and does not use its ability if you have
  an existing haste effect, and you would not gain at least 1 second of extra
  haste time by replacing the existing effect with its own.
* New armor: Volcanic Armor. A stronger version of Angry Armor that is only
  found on lava worlds.

Alien Artifacts

* Added two new colors: Black, and Green; previous Green has been renamed to
* Removed the "gain no points" Alien Artifact effect
* Added a "Slow for 10 seconds" effect
* Added a "+50% move speed for 10 seconds" effect
* Added an "Inverts controls for 10 seconds" effect

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