0.5.1 released! work on 0.5.2 has begun!

ah, I don’t know where to begin! I thought I should get a website for Mysterious Space up and running, so… I did! this is it!

after getting a bunch of feedback from people on YouTube and Steam, I put together version 0.5.1, and posted it on a couple sites for sale (for $2.50). initially I’d been thinking “I’ll just have to wait to get greenlit on steam before I can release – that’s kind of sad,” but… why did I think that? I guess I was just so focused on Steam, I forgot about other options. why Steam? honestly, probably just because I happen to use it. but there are lots of other ways – some I’ve even used before, like itch.io – so… what was I thinking?!

I don’t know!

but anyway: 0.5.1 is now available! hurrah!

there’s also a free demo available on itch.io.

I know I’ve said it a million times before, but I want to say it again: most of the money made from sales are going to be put back into the game. the first goals here are to get a chip musician, and then a pixel artist, to help make the game look and sound beautiful. after that… … I’ll worry about it when/if we get there!

links to any downloads will be on the Downloads page; there’s also a complete change log for every version available up on the Changelog page, in case you’re curious. it even includes the current changelog for the latest development version (currently 0.5.2). that page should always be up to date with the latest release changelog, but it could get a few days behind on the latest development changelog… I’ll try my best not to let that happen, though!

as to what I’m going to use this blog for, in general… I don’t quite know, yet! at the very least, I’ll embed any YouTube updates I do, but I’ll also try to talk about other stuff related to development… larger plans, weird code issues… whatever else comes to mind.

please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. I’ve already made several improvements and changes for Mysterious Space based on other people’s suggestions, and I’d love to do more of that. the best ideas come from multiple people getting together and talking!

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