eew – a bug which prevented completion of the tutorial!

I really have to get in the habit of doing a full play-through of the game before release! 0.6.0 contained a bug which prevented the tutorial from being completed!

The game only makes you go through the tutorial once, and while save games are often not compatible from version to version, I have always ensured that your preferences/settings ARE, and this includes the “did you do the tutorial” flag. So if you played a previous version of the game, this bug would not have affected you… but anyone picking up Mysterious Space for the first time with 0.6.0 would be unable to make any progress!


0.6.1 – released just a few minutes ago – fixes this bug! It also contains a few little UI improvements and other minor bug fixes that I had been working on.

To anyone who bought the game via, I have sent them a huge HEAP of download keys for Mysterious Space for them to distribute to anyone who bought their Space bundle.

Sorry about the trouble! I’ll try to be better about this in the future!

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