greenlit on Steam! whoa! also: 0.6.5 release date

I got greenlit on Steam! which is totally crazy and neat! (yes: “neat” :P) actually, this happened a couple days ago, but there’s so many things to keep up to date, and I forgot to post about it here >_>

there’s a lot of FORMS involved, which is fair, but it’s made me stop to think about things. like forming an LLC, maybe, or looking into other options… I don’t know.

I’m torn between wanting to keep this for fun, and wanting to have the resources to make it more awesome. I also don’t want it to interfere with the rest of my life, including my full-time job 😛 so, like, one option is that I could just go open source, let people play for free, and never mind Steam! but then how would I keep paying DDRKirby(ISQ) to make songs? (there’s still a couple to go, at least!) and what about getting a pixel artist to make truly beautiful terrain, foliage, monsters…?? I mean, I’ve already spent more than I’ve made, easily, and I’m fine with that – to me, it seems comparable to going to see a movie, getting dinner, or buying games – but I can only do that so much.

anyway, it’s a little overwhelming to think about, so for now, I’m just working on MAKING Mysterious Space.

so about that 😛

I’ve been working on 0.6.5 for a while now, I realize. I keep finding new things to add, and tweak, etc… but enough is enough! it’s time to release!

I want to take a day or two to do some testing, and finish up a little translation work, buuut… yeah: let’s say Wednesday, plus or minus a day!

I’ve also posted the changelog so far; take a look! not much will change between now and release, if anything.

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