0.7.0! (to be released later this week or weekend!)

(check out the current, development changelog, if you like!)

what I was expecting to be a small update has become rather large, in a strange sort of way: gameplay is entirely different due to a whole new class of item – Advanced Technology – along with cursed/blessed items, and the new “weakened” state that items may suffer.

it’s kind of crazy! I feel like this has been one of the more “efficient” updates I’ve made (at least so far; there’s still some work to do!) in terms of gameplay gains for time taken. sure, coding all the curses and blessings has been a lot of work, but not nearly as much as thinking up, drawing, animating, and balancing just one new mini-boss!

the previous update – 0.6.5 – was pretty big, too, with new enemies, equipment, a new mini-boss, and some graphical improvements… but it didn’t quiiiite add anything new or truly game-changing.

combined with all the new mechanics surrounding Advanced Technology, though, I feel like it’s really a new milestone in Mysterious Space.

and so: 0.7.0!

a part of me does wonder: is it worth making such a to-do over version numbers? *shrugs*

in some ways, maybe not: they’re just a label. the changes are there regardless. but I guess I really do see these last couple changes as being strong additions to the game. they feel like they’re worth celebrating, in some way. like your age is just your age; the current year is just the current year. they’re all labels. but they tell us something. the 90s were the 90s, the 2000s were the 2000s, and Mysterious Space 0.6.x was Mysterious Space 0.6.x.

when will 0.7.0 be released? I’m aiming for sometime later this week, or possibly during this weekend. I’ve got some testing to do, and I’d like to add more – and more-interesting – Advanced Technology effects. (for example: spoiler: today I implemented what you might call a “polymorph self” effect, turning your ship into some other ship entirely!)

I’ll probably post another update video sometime during the week, and announce a more-precise release date.

until then, thanks for following along!

and thanks for playing! 🙂

(and again: check out the current, development changelog, if you like!)

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