crashes are bad, mkay; 0.7.2 features a crash reporter

my friend Stephen let me know tonight that Mysterious Space doesn’t start up for him AT ALL!


this made me realize that I’m really going to need some kind of crash reporting software! after all, while I can probably convince my friend to go through his system error logs, or maybe send an stderr dump, I can’t ask anyone else!

I imagined that this would have to be some EXTRA piece of software that kind of stood separately, and watched, waiting for a crash, and started googling on that premise… fortunately, nothing so complicated is needed!

I found this delightful C# library: CrashReporter.NET

it’s super-easy to set up, requiring very few lines of code, has a very permissive license, and seems – so far – to JUST WORK: it e-mails a stack trace, screenshot, and whatever the user chooses to type and send to whatever e-mail address you specify! awesome!

I was planning on getting some more changes into 0.7.2 (including some much-needed translation work), but the addition of a crash reporter seemed significant enough to warrant an immediate release, so out it goes!

there were a couple little gameplay fixes as well; check out the full changelog for details

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