0.8.1 progress

after that quick bugfix, I’ve been working on 0.8.1 (to be released at the end of the month).

there’s not a lot to SHOW right now:

* made fuel shards a little bigger and brighter (they’re hard to see in those folded space segments)
* added an achievement for catching a fuel before it hits the ground
* added a new accessory, “emergency backup systems” that makes you revive faster, and doubles your shield regen when you DO revive
* removed the 1-tile-tall corridors that are sometimes generated on the bottom of levels

other things I have planned this update:

* prevent trees/bushes/etc from hiding forcefield buttons!
* fix bug where water does not flood-fill passages leading to fuel rooms
* look into a possible bug with the whale miniboss – it seems his protective fish have gone missing, maybe??
* more low-level enemies, to make the first few levels less repetitive

when I have more cool things to show, I’ll definitely make a YouTube video to show them off!

until then!

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