donation to PBS has happened! + 0.8.4 is almost ready!

after my initial goof on Mysterious Space profit calculations, we’re finally back on-schedule for donations! $500 has been donated to Community Idea Stations, but you probably know them better as PBS (Public Broadcasting Station). they’re also responsible for several YouTube channels! I don’t follow all of them, but I do follow a couple, and they are great:

I would also recommend their TV series NOVA, which can also be watched online!

but you probably want to hear about Mysterious Space 0.8.4 progress!

I’ve sneaked in a lot of work these last few days, including boring stuff like code clean-up, and awesome stuff, like figuring out some new music with DDRKirby(ISQ)!

other awesome stuff is new character creation options (which I talked about in this video), including a few options for those who want an extra challenge!

I’ve also been adding a bit of polish: fade and wipe transitions between different scenes, and a new credits “level” to play through when you win the game.

finally, I played with making each cloud produce individual snow and rain drops (instead of the current, cheaty way that snow is handled), because I feel like there’s potential for some fun simulation-driven interactions that could be done with clouds. unfortunately, I had to scrap that, as tracking individual snow flakes and rain drops was proving a bit too CPU-intensive. (it’s not worth spending that many cycles on something that you’ll only rarely interact with!) I still want to add some mechanics/gameplay surrounding clouds; I just have to find a better way!

Thanksgiving is coming up, so a release date is a little less certain, but I will be aiming for the end of November/start of December, as always! sorry in advance if I’m a day or two late!

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