as in life, so in Mysterious Space: MORE SNOW

the east coast has been getting more snow than usual.

I’m fortunate enough to not be in a one of the many places TERRIBLY AND ADVERSELY affected, and so I’m loving it.

I took a walk today, to enjoy it.

the huge flakes.

the fog.

the silence.


as I walked around, admiring it, I remembered how much I love snow in video games, too. I remember when my friends and I played the first Dungeon Siege game back in college… there’s a portion of the multiplayer campaign that’s in a snowy region, and I was so impressed by it at the time. watching the snow as I spun the camera around… so pretty!

as I was thinking of all this, I realized that Mysterious Space’s representation of snow was lacking.

there are too few flakes. there’s no fog.

so today, I fixed that 🙂


(now if only I could find an active volcano to hang around, to inspire Mysterious Space’s lava worlds…)

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