0.6.2 is released! (shh: it’s still March 23rd in some parts of the world! >_>)

you can get it here:

* http://benmakesgames.itch.io/mysterious-space

or here:

* https://indiegamestand.com/store/1428/mysterious-space/

I did a final test this evening, and ran into a couple more bugs than expected, mostly to do with co-op (including a huge one which prevented the loading of co-op games if an Orbital player was present!) but I got those fixed up! awesome!

there are, honestly, a couple display bugs, but I REALLY WANTED to release today, as promised. (it’s already technically tomorrow 😐 ) they’re by no means game-breaking, but all the same, I’ll get another release in the next few days, addressing these things.

save games are usually not compatible between versions, due to the large number of changes to underlying data structures. so a save game from 0.6.1 will not work in 0.6.2. keep this in mind before updating!

HOWEVER: the next release – 0.6.3 – will be small, and only address display issues, so 0.6.2 save games will be compatible with it.


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