0.6.3 will be released tonight

I’m about done with 0.6.3, which is a super-quick release aimed at improving some bits of UI, and translation. save games from 0.6.2 SHOULD work in 0.6.3, but this is always a tricky proposition, and I ultimately can’t promise that your save game will load. fortunately, games of Mysterious Space are quick, so you may as well finish up any current games before updating, just to be safe.

here’s the changelog for 0.6.3 as it stands. by the time I release tonight, there will probably be a few more translations improvements, and possibly a couple tweaks to the tutorial, but that’s really it!

not the most exciting release, I know, but I feel it’s important to take the time on this kind of stuff, too 🙂



This update mostly brings visual fixes and improvements. Unlike most updates,
save games from the previous release (0.6.2) SHOULD BE compatible with this

Known Issues

* Discovered a bug present since 0.6.2: music does not always loop for Windows
  8 users! A little googling reveals that this is a known issue with MonoGame
  since 2013: https://github.com/mono/MonoGame/issues/1821 (Thanks to player
  Markieer for reporting this to me!) An immediate fix does not come to mind;
  I'll be on the lookout for work-arounds and other options for a future


* The changelog for 0.6.2 was missing the entry "when viewing your Equipment,
  categories containing new items are individually marked "NEW".
* In the Equipment menu, a category is immediately unmarked as having "NEW"
  items the moment you identify all of them. (Previously, it did not unmark the
  category until you left the menu, and re-entered.)


* The Regenerating Rigel mini-boss now drops the "Alien Scanner" upgrade
  blueprint if you haven't already found it. This upgrade can no longer be
  found in any other way. (As I add more mini-bosses, I will move blueprints
  over to them in similar ways. I'm hoping this will feel like a cool reward
  for players, and give a better sense of progression.)


* Berserker Armor now doubles the firing rate of ALL your weapons (not just
  your second; that was weird!), but is also slightly more rare, and will grant
  slightly less armor.


* On equipment, the increased shield/weapon regeneration rate text has been
  made more succinct. It now fits on one line, which should make it easier to
  read, and eliminates many instances where equipment descriptions leaked
  outside the UI!
* Most messages which specify a button to press, for example "Press A or ENTER
  to equip", now specify only the button relevant to the type of controller the
  player is using. So our example "Press A to equip" would now read only "Press
  A to equip" when using a controller; "Press ENTER to equip" when using a
* Moved elements around on the "assign controllers" screen when loading a game,
  to give text instructions a little more room.
* Also on that "assign controllers" screen: added an animated orbital to
  players with orbitals.


* Regenerating Rigel may now drop a COLLECTION item describing itself.


* Added "Shielded Core" text for English and French translations.
* Added French and German translations for all Armor and Shield names.
  (Full descriptions remain untranslated.)
* Added French and German translations for "Resists X% of damage resulting from
* Basic description of Armor is now translated to French and German. (Other
  effects remain untranslated.)
* Added French and English translations for Equipment screen controls. ("Press
  A to equip", etc)

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