“Hey, Listen!”

today my friend Katie and I got together, and recorded some samples for Mysterious Space!


no, we’re not going to voice act the whole game! but I thought it’d be fun to have a little clip for when Blær (the ship’s computer) talks to you.

so we made one! it’s a clip that says, “Hello, Captain” in a stereotypically sci-fi robot voice.

similarly, the broken AI that can sometimes inhabit your weapon ALSO has a clip now, saying “Hai– comm–der” over some static.

and that’s it!

I also, today, made some tweaks to the minibosses, making their strength scale depending on the difficulty of the planet they’re on.

there’s also some more critters running around on planets, now, and most of the flocking math for schools of fish is in, though no fish yet “flock” in the seas of Mysterious Space’s ocean worlds.

but there’s still a week left in the month! and there’s one other, new game mechanic I’d like to get in!

I’ll keep you posted, as always 🙂

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