0.7.8 has been released!

to copy/paste my Steam announcement:

“on the same day as Terraria? you must be mad! no one will be playing anything else for the next week!”

I DIDN’T KNOW. well: there’s probably always SOMETHING with an awesome new update on any given day, so… whateve’s! 😛

anyway! what does 0.7.8 hold?! a full changelog can be found here https://mysteriousspace.com/changelog/0-7-x/ but here’s the highlights:

* FULL SCREEN OPTION NOW AVAILABLE! whoa! I know! press Alt+Enter, like you would any game, or use the in-game options.
* new “folded space” mini-levels within the other levels! go fast! avoid debris! get fuel!
* innocent creatures now roam the surfaces of many planets. they are probably harmless herbivores, so please don’t be cruel and startle them 😛
* a couple little bug fixes. you probably didn’t even notice these bugs. except maybe the whale miniboss one. that one was hilariously obvious 😛

what might the next release have in store?!

here’s some VAGUE PLANS:
* I need to finally look into Linux port. but NO PROMISES! just PEEKING at this might open a terrible can of worms >_> but: I will look, and even if it’s not something I feel like I can get done for the next release without losing my mind, I will make some progress. it IS coming!
* we’ve got minibosses, crates & buttons, and folded space, but none of these really feel COMPLETE and UNITED to me. I’m going to re-examine these, and see if/how they can be better integrated.
* more french translation text. Ambre (the French translator) has gotten way ahead of me; there’s a ton of text just waiting to be added!
* a revamped tutorial. the current one is lame and boring and I hate it 😛
* peaceful fish in the sea, to mirror the peaceful creatures that have been added to the land.
* populated outposts where you can trade stuff and/or do side-quests??! I’ve been wanting to do this for forever; now that I’ve got a solid month before the next release, I feel much better about starting this! (this may tie in to tying together mini-bosses and crates and things.)

thanks for reading; thanks for playing! look forward to the next release at the end of July, and I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress over at my YouTube channel, as always 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAaN0HHfuFIWHIHDfiIEitg

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