0.7.8 has been released!

to copy/paste my Steam announcement:

“on the same day as Terraria? you must be mad! no one will be playing anything else for the next week!”

I DIDN’T KNOW. well: there’s probably always SOMETHING with an awesome new update on any given day, so… whateve’s! šŸ˜›

anyway! what does 0.7.8 hold?! a full changelog can be found here https://mysteriousspace.com/changelog/0-7-x/ but here’s the highlights:

* FULL SCREEN OPTION NOW AVAILABLE! whoa! I know! press Alt+Enter, like you would any game, or use the in-game options.
* new “folded space” mini-levels within the other levels! go fast! avoid debris! get fuel!
* innocent creatures now roam the surfaces of many planets. they are probably harmless herbivores, so please don’t be cruel and startle them šŸ˜›
* a couple little bug fixes. you probably didn’t even notice these bugs. except maybe the whale miniboss one. that one was hilariously obvious šŸ˜›

what might the next release have in store?!

here’s some VAGUE PLANS:
* I need to finally look into Linux port. but NO PROMISES! just PEEKING at this might open a terrible can of worms >_> but: I will look, and even if it’s not something I feel like I can get done for the next release without losing my mind, I will make some progress. it IS coming!
* we’ve got minibosses, crates & buttons, and folded space, but none of these really feel COMPLETE and UNITED to me. I’m going to re-examine these, and see if/how they can be better integrated.
* more french translation text. Ambre (the French translator) has gotten way ahead of me; there’s a ton of text just waiting to be added!
* a revamped tutorial. the current one is lame and boring and I hate it šŸ˜›
* peaceful fish in the sea, to mirror the peaceful creatures that have been added to the land.
* populated outposts where you can trade stuff and/or do side-quests??! I’ve been wanting to do this for forever; now that I’ve got a solid month before the next release, I feel much better about starting this! (this may tie in to tying together mini-bosses and crates and things.)

thanks for reading; thanks for playing! look forward to the next release at the end of July, and I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress over at my YouTube channel, as always šŸ™‚ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAaN0HHfuFIWHIHDfiIEitg

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