Mysterious Space 0.9.5 release, and other dev news

I’ve finally released a new version of Mysterious Space – 0.9.5 – which introduces ENDLESS MODE. you can read about that here, but I thought I’d also take a moment to talk about my other projects, which are in varying stages of development.

Space Man (working title)

a Mega Man-like I started a few months ago. I made a TON of progress, but haven’t worked on it much at all this last month or so. I’ve given the source code to a couple friends, and they’ve been playing with it on and off, as time has permitted them. perhaps some collaboration will happen there, later, I don’t know. it’s something I put a lot of work into, and I’d hate to see it go to waste, but there’s a lot of other things I’m interested in working on, too, so… we’ll see…

Not PsyPets (working title)

in 2004 I started a browser-based game called PsyPets. I’ve probably rambled about it before, so I won’t say much about it again, except that it was created about the time that other browser games like Kingdom of Loathing and Gaia Online were starting up, which may give you a sort of an idea about the kind of game PsyPets is.

anyway, several years ago I gave the game to another developer, but it’s a game that’s always on some part of my mind. “Not PsyPets” is a mobile-first re-imagining of PsyPets that I’ve been poking at on and off. PsyPets is something which will always be special to me; “Not PsyPets” is definitely something I’d like to give more time to.

Game of Choices (working title)

this is a game I never expected to grab my attention in the way it has. which isn’t to say that it’s got me super-excited – it hasn’t, quite? – but something about it compels me to work on it for a week every couple of months.

it’s a text-only game that I guess you could say is inspired by Oregon Trail and simulationist roguelikes: you travel in a straight line toward a goal with a small group of characters across a procedurally-generated fantasy world in which all kinds of things – mostly bad – might happen to you. this isn’t a new idea, of course, but it’s still fun to work on from time to time. and there’s something about playing a game in a DOS window… I dunno… I like it 😛

And That’s It

those are the bits of code and ideas that I’ve been working on this last year or so.

I’m definitely going to continue developing and supporting Mysterious Space, but I’m also always going to work on other little projects on the side. whether any of them are things you’ll see on, or Steam, or anywhere else, I don’t know; I’ll definitely let you know about any interesting progress I may make on them, though!

thanks for reading 🙂

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