Mysterious Space 0.10.1!

long time no update!

to make a long story short, I’ve been working on various other projects (mostly web-based, trying out a bunch of the bells and whistles that Amazon Web Services has to offer), but in the end, nothing I worked on has really stuck. the games I made haven’t quite been fun enough; certainly not as fun as Mysterious Space!

so I’ve jumped back on Mysterious Space – at least for now – and finished up a release that I’d left half-done. it features a new boss, a new tutorial, a new enemy, new equipment blessings, new particle effects, new firesticks, and probably one or two other new things that are slipping my mind…

check out the full changelog for more.

I don’t know how long I’m going to work on Mysterious Space this time, but I do have a few more minor bugs I’d like to fix, and there’s always a need for more enemies and minibosses, so all I can really say is: we’ll see!

I’ll keep you posted!

(buy Mysterious Space on Steam!)

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